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Windows 10 backup to ftp server?
For backing up a Windows 10 machine to an FTP server, it's best to use a specialized tool. Also, do you already have an FTP server to work with?
I would consider for both scenarios BackupChain as the backup tool and its FTP server as the recipient.
From experience I can say that many FTP servers have trouble dealing with all the different kinds of files you typically have on your Windows 10 machine. For example, many FTP servers can't handle a ~ (tilde) at the beginning of a file name, which is a standard file name created by Microsoft Office. Also, BackupChain's FTP server can handle paths with over 32,000 Unicode characters. Many people have a neatly organized file structure for their documents. What happens is these hierarchies often get very deep and regular tools can't handle them. Even Windows File Explorer has issues accessing and deleting deep folders when you cross the internal 240 character limit.
Having an automated backup tool do the work for you is crucial. If you use scripts you'll probably forget to run it or there might be errors that go undetected at times. BackupChain logs everything nicely and emails you if you want when there are errors. It can resume broken links as well.
Deduplication and incremental backups are another group of time-savers. With dedupe and incremental backup you can back up large VMs in just minutes, I think that's where BackupChain can be particularly useful.

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