Best Cloud Backup Services for Business in 2016

cloud-backupBusinesses have different online cloud backup service needs than home users. The main aspects where home user cloud backups differ from business online backups are: bandwidth usage, backup features, storage availability, and total capacity. While this has always been a difference, we find that in 2016 the business offerings are drifting farther away from home offerings.

While you may see so-called ‘unlimited’ plans being offered to home users, such plans generally do not exist for business use. Home cloud backup plans are usually throttled so that if you have lots of TBs to upload, the uploads will pretty much never finish as upload bandwidth is gradually reduced over time the more data is being uploaded. It’s also not uncommon for cloud companies to ‘fire’ their customers who ‘abuse’ these so-called unlimited plans.

Businesses prefer to have fixed pricing and a service-level agreement so that the service quality is predictable and constant.

Current providers include:


Acronis. Headquarters in Singapore, founders Serguei Beloussov, Max Tsypliaev, Ilya Zubarev, strong presence also in Russia. Current cloud plan costs: $1,699 / year per server for 2 TB. Plans differ depending on usage, i.e. different plans are needed for virtual machine backups. Cloud charges are on top of software license costs.


BackupChain. A self-funded U.S. company based in Baltimore, Maryland. Main areas served: U.S., Canada, Switzerland, Germany. Current cloud plans: $1,099 / year for 2 TB. Plans may be used for large file servers, Hyper-V, database, and other virtual machine disk files. Software credits are available when cloud plans are purchased. Plans are also available for sharing freely within an organization; i.e., use the same storage for the entire organization.


Carbonite. Focuses on simplistic backup user interface for everyday use. Server plans start at $799 / year for 250 GB (or  $7,259.48 / year for 2 TB). Pricing includes software  and based on total storage usage.


SOS Online Backup. A California corporation, Infrascale, receiving investor funding. Charges $6,399.99 / year for 2 TB. Software license included.


Mozy. Offices in U.S. and China. Plans differ on whether or not you add servers to the cloud. $4,509 / year for 1 TB, pricing for 2 TB unknown.