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Full Version: Map Drive Over Internet Without a VPN, Connect to NAS
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There are many ways to map a drive over the Internet without a VPN. One is to use a freeware tool called DriveMaker and an FTP, FTPS, or SFTP server. Many NAS devices provide one, such as the Synology NAS; however, for serious and heavy use you may want to consider using a commercial FTP server. You can team up DriveMaker with BackupChain which also provides a Unicode compliant FTP / FTPS server with security features and support for very long file paths (over 32,000 characters).
To map a drive without a VPN you will need to set up the FTP server first. If you want to try the FTP server you NAS provides, you can certainly give it a shot.
Then enter the FTP server address, user name, password and port number into DriveMaker and the desired drive letter, like X: for example.

DriveMaker maps / mounts the remote storage as a drive that you can also use in the command prompt, for example with batch files.