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Top 6 Best Backup Software for Hyper-V in 2020
Here's my personal list of best Hyper-V backup software for this year 2020. 
You will find that from a SMB perspective, BackupChain delivers by far the best value, as Veeam, Acronis, and Backup Exec are really targeting the enterprise market segment. Savings multiply and grow rapidly when you compare the pricing of an entire server network between the solutions. For example, if you wanted to equip your 25 new servers with BackupChain compared to Veeam, the difference in price would likely cover several of your server's hardware costs.

If you are also looking for VM cloud backup, there are features in BackupChain to set up your own secure, private cloud, but you can also connect to existing clouds as well as the BackupChain cloud at a much lower price that also includes full service and recovery assistance.

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